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What is Myobrace ?

Click the video above to learn about how Myobrace
naturally straightens children's teeth from ages 5-15 years of age

provides life-long health benefits, like changing mouth breathing to nasal breathing

educates children to eat healthy so they can reach their full growth potential!

Myobrace is "better faces less braces"
Myobrace is "night braces"...perfect for children!
Myobrace NJ for kids

Mouth breathing is the cause of your child's crooked teeth

Catch the signs of crooked teeth early!


Dr. Bender and Dr. Todaro use MYOBRACE (night braces) to take advantage of your child's natural growth spurt to straighten his/her teeth!  


No future need for expensive traditional braces or invisalign!

MyoBrace Before and After 

Notice how as her teeth straightened her chin also moved forward into proper position. Braces cannot do that! 

Natural Myofunctional Therapy

Studies show, children who mouth breath are more likely to have attention and behavioral issues, preventing them from hitting their full potential in life.  

Myobrace NJ Health benefits

Mouth breathers directly inhale bacteria, viruses and dust, which are not being filtered by the nose (nasal breathing)

NJ Myobrace corrects mouth breathing

learn about more myobrace from the ceo himself, Dr. Chris Farrel

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